Which car brand is the most popular with modelers?


The statistics intrigue us. Our database is full of interesting data and one of the first questions we asked ourselves is “What is the automotive brand with more models in scale?”

The answer seemed easy. Initially thought to sports car brands such as Ferrari or Porsche, but thinking a little Mercedes seemed to be the correct answer.
The German brand produces dream cars suvs, and an infinite number of work vehicles and trucks. In addition is a brand known and sold around the world.

The end result is rather different from what we suspected. The Mercedes appears to be the third car brand, superseded by Ford and Chevrolet. And the real surprise is the second location of a brand like Chevrolet, whereas the real models, especially in Europe, do not have a large spread.

Ford is the winner

Ford is still the winner by a wide margin. For the American brand we can take a good part of the considerations made for the Mercedes-Benz. A global brand with cars sold around the world and in the hearts of modelers more than the Toyota, the car that they probably keep in the garage.

Volkswagen, Renault, BMW and Porsche – at the time of this writing – occupy positions below the podium. Renault aside, the challenge is only between German and American car brands.

This is a great method of valuation for the real brands. We know that often the purchase of a model is determined by the interest that we have for the real model, the car that we had or we would like.
Even the artisans of the model should pay close attention to this statistic.

Here is the graph of the models by car brand in our database and dynamically updated. We’ll look at the differences as the “diecast lovers” will register new models to better understand the tastes of modellers.