Autobianchi Bianchina, rare and small


Meet a Autobianchi Bianchina now is really rare. Even in Italy, where almost all of the models has been sold. So to encounter two in very good condition, in a few days and in the same place … it is a great luck.
The car has been celebrated in many Italian films as the super compact car elegant but cheap, being based on the best-selling FIAT 500.

Fiat and Autobianchi

About the FIAT brand … Autobianchi was first blended with Lancia, then suppressed, as happened to Innocenti and, in all likelihood, even the same brand Lancia.

Bianchina Panorama, Berlina and Trasformabile.

Even the scale reproductions of Autobianchi are quite rare: our collectors┬áhave some models of great value.┬áThe models reproduce the three best-selling versions of Bianchina:┬á┬á“Berlina”, “Convertibile” and the “Panorama”, missing the “Cabriolet” and “Furgoncino”.
Here are some images of a Autobianchi Panorama and Berlina.

IMG_20140731_193839 IMG_20140801_104729

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