BMW – Iso Rivolta – Isetta


Sometimes I let myself be carried away by the italian pride. For example , I wonder where it would be now the German motor industry without the contribution of Italian designers. One day we might treat Giorgetto Giugiaro and his volkswagen golf, the car until recently sold in South Africa ( the first series! ), whose descendant recently became the best selling model in the world.
And how not to mention also the contribution of De Silva to the design of modern BMW .

More realistically believe that without Italians perhaps the Germans would have produced models less beautiful but the cars would still be indestructible.

The Isetta is a mini car that was produced by Italian automaker Iso between 1953 and 1956. He did not have much success until the BMW, that had serious economic problems, decided to acquire the license between 1955 and 1962 .

Stylistically was awesome, both as regards the type of car body, and, above all , for the rational and intelligent choice in the arrangement of everything is needed to make this means of transport a real car..

Inside the small cockpit was accessed through the large front door, which embraced virtually the entire front section of the car.

The BMW Isetta revisited the same car body but changed mechanics : in 1955 , was the first car in the world, mass-produced , low fuel consumption ( 3 L / 100 km). The Isetta was also the car single cylinder engine with best-selling of all time with 161,728 units sold.

There are a lot of scale models reproductions of BMW Isetta. This is a REVELL BMW Isetta 250 of “Max1:18” collection. A great reproduction.

Revell_BMW_Isetta 250_7Qkm

I am not aware of a reproduction of the Iso Rivolta Isetta. I find it unfair: anyone has news about?

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