Merge two models to create a unique piece. A splendid example.


Among the many groups of fanatics of modeling, one of our favorite deals with models Majorette.
This time we document not the usual rare model, attraction for the nostalgic of the French brand. This time we talk about a master of the model, a true craftsman: he sacrificed a number of models of the Citroen DS to create unique pieces. Here they are:
MAJORETTE Customs Citro├źn DS

Franz-Josef Pauly is the author of these beautiful models. He has restored a number of models of Majorette Citroen DS 21(Ambulance No 206, scale 1:65), produced in the 70’s (now valued between 3 and 20 Euros for the conditions) mixing them with other models majorette. The creation of an original Citroen ACADS 21 ( Acadiane + DS ) is due to its brilliance.

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