VW and Porsche, an indelible link


The Porsche 356 has always fascinated me. And not only me,  fans are numerous and many fan clubs are scattered around the world. Porsche 356 registry is one of these.

The main feature of this historical model is the aspect┬áthat is still shooting in the design of the Porsche. The design is by Ferdinand Porsche jr., son of that Ferdinand Porsche who designed the Volkswagen Beetle /┬áK├Ąfer:┬ácar┬áthat owes much, not only because the forms show a certain kinship, but also because the setting mid-engine and rear-wheel drive as well as a part of the components were shared.

The VW-Porsche 914

The link between Porsche and Volkswagen, for better or for worse, is indelible. Besides the current situation – Porsche, after a failed attempt to climb against Volkswagen has become part of the VW group – another example of the intimate connection between the two manufacturers is the VW-Porsche 914┬á(or Porsche VW, depending on your point of view) car built by a joint venture between the German mark and coachwork by Karmann.
Car, the latter, very revalued by collectors in recent years.
These models, both the Porsche 356 that the VW-Porsche 914, are very popular with collectors and have a high number of diecast models some of which are of great quality.

My favorite diecast models, respectively of the Porsche 356 and the VW – Porsche 914, was made┬áby┬áCararama and┬áRevell. With┬áhobbyDB,┬áhere and here you can find all the characteristics and the reproductions of this two fantastic cars: does we miss your?



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