• Diecastlovers…. are you ready to vote???

    This year’s¬†edition of Diecast Hall of Fame has arrived to the final round!¬†It’s time to vote our favorite models, brands and collectors, selected¬†in categories. Vote for your favorite collectors Vote for your favorite brands Vote for your favorite models Look at the names of the candidates: it is great to see that Italy is represented […]

  • VW and Porsche, an indelible link

    The Porsche 356 has always fascinated me. And not only me, ¬†fans are¬†numerous and many fan clubs are scattered around the world. Porsche 356 registry¬†is one of these. The main feature of this historical model is the aspect¬†that is still shooting in the design of the Porsche. The design is by Ferdinand Porsche jr., son […]

  • Laudoracing, great models!

    Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Autobianchi… Some of historic cars of these glorious Italian brands are the subject (in scale 1/18) of the reproductions of Laudoracing models. The choice of models is not trivial: focuses on the car of the years 70/80 and in particular on sporting versions of the best seller of the time.¬†The model that […]

  • BMW – Iso Rivolta – Isetta

    Sometimes I let myself be carried away by the italian pride. For example , I wonder where it would be now the German motor industry without the contribution of Italian designers. One day we might treat Giorgetto Giugiaro and his volkswagen golf, the car until recently sold in South Africa ( the first series! ), […]

  • Merge two models to create a unique piece. A splendid example.

    Among the many groups of fanatics of modeling, one of our favorite deals with models Majorette. This time we document not the usual rare model, attraction for the nostalgic of the French brand. This time we talk about a master of the model, a true craftsman: he sacrificed a number of models of the Citroen […]

  • The american Alfa Romeo Duetto.

    An unexpected sighting: an Alfa Romeo “Duetto Iniezione” (probably the Spider Veloce) produced for the American market. This is a car fitted with the safety standards of the United States, with reinforced and elongated bumpers, the automatic transmission and the space for the smaller plate. Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia, even before they are under […]

  • Lancia Fulvia Zagato

    You already know that we love Lancia. We have not yet realized that the brand is going to die slowly (thanks again Mr. Marchionne). But the glory of this great Italian brand continues to appear in front of us. One of the best selling and best known is the Lancia Fulvia, and to us it […]

  • Which car brand is the most popular with modelers?

    The statistics intrigue us. Our database is full of interesting data and one of the first questions we asked ourselves is “What is the automotive brand with more models in scale?” The answer seemed easy. Initially thought to sports car brands such as Ferrari or Porsche, but thinking a little Mercedes seemed to be the […]

  • Alfa Romeo Spotted

    One of the beauties of Italy is represented by the motoring heritage of the past that still march in the streets. Wherever you move from the city to the tourist destinations of passage, you can find some pieces of history on wheels. Sometimes they are a little shabby, a few times in perfect condition. We […]

  • Majorette, the rise and fall of a French dream

    Majorette is a brand known to all boys born around the 70s. The birth of the company dates back to October 17, 1961 when the “Rail-Route Jouets” was registered in the register of the Chamber of Commerce of Lyon by Emile V√©ron, brother of Joseph, the owner of the Norev. ¬†In 1966 the name was […]

  • Lancia death: a premeditated crime

    Lancia is a glorious¬†Italian brand.¬†And is doomed to death. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Group, of which Lancia is a part, has no doubts: the brand has no¬†“appeal”¬†in more lucrative markets and it makes no sense to invest money for new models. The end of a¬†glorious history Some would like to compare the downward spiral […]

  • Dogs in da car!

    We love diecast models¬†but sometimes the quality and the care of details is poor. Despite this, ¬†we can find some strange details that we appreciate and remember. Family cars… This is the case of some cars reproductions for kids. Cheap toys with a love about details. In our database we¬†found a strange common detail between […]

  • Autobianchi Bianchina, rare and small

    Meet a Autobianchi Bianchina now is really rare. Even in Italy, where almost all of the models has been sold. So to encounter two in very good condition, in a few days and in the same place … it is a great luck. The car has been celebrated in many Italian films as the super […]

  • Vamos a la playa with the Citro√ęn Mehari

    Some cars are closely related to our holidays and summer. Of particular note is the Citro√ęn Mehari. I’ve just spotted a beautiful blue version.

  • Site Reboot!!!

    Without even imagine the pile of problems due to the overload of the database (I have been too ambitious in designing the site) we put online the new version of just 15 days ago.